Robert Ray

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With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Robert’s career as an electrician has taken him across the country and even to the frozen continent of Antarctica. He started out as an eager apprentice, learning the tricks of the trade while wiring hospitals and industrial complexes on the east coast. Eager to expand his skills, he headed west, where he spent years honing his talents on intricate custom homes and sprawling commercial buildings. But when the 2008 recession hit, Robert pivoted to the corporate world, landing a maintenance electrician role at Microsoft. Through diligence and mastery of his craft, he was soon promoted to Project Manager of Tenant Services, overseeing electrical installations for a massive campus.

But Robert’s appetite for adventure could not be quelled, so he left the comforts of corporate life for a stint as the Station Electrical Foreman at the remote McMurdo base in Antarctica. Charged with helping rewrite the entire electrical safety and training standards for the United States Antarctic Program, Robert ensured the scientists and staff could work safely in the harshest environment on Earth.

After returning stateside to the rugged beauty of Montana, Robert’s blend of hands-on expertise and management acumen made him an ideal candidate for Project Manager and Estimator roles. But his passion for mentoring future generations of electricians soon called him to apprentice education. He became a certified Mike Holt Apprentice Educator and State Approved CEU provider, allowing him to shape the next wave of skilled trade workers. Robert’s decades of experience, from cramped conduits to the open expanses of Antarctica and back again, provide a rock-solid foundation for training the electricians of tomorrow.